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Wednesday, December 11, 2019

Nupe Alphabets and pronunciation

Nupe Alphabets and pronunciation

Nupe is a number of the Nupoid branch of the Volta-Niger language family. It is spoken mainly in the Middle Belt region of Nigeria, in Niger State, Kwara North, Kogi State and Federal Capital Territory. There are about 1 million speakers of Nupe, which is also known as Nupe-Nupe-Tako, Nufawa, Nupeci or Nupenchi. It is closely related to Gbari and Kakanda.
There are two dialects of Nupe: Nupe central and Nupe Tako. The written language is based on Nupe central.

Nupe alphabet and pronunciation

Nupe alphabet and pronunciation


Tones are indicated as follows: á = high tone, à = low tone, a = mid tone, â = falling tone, ǎ = rising tone. Alternatively the falling tone is marked as ǎ and the rising tone as â. Other tone indication may be used, as in the sample text.

Sample text in Nupe

Wun ayike yi ga gạ, ga, yi de lefi ndondo à na, yi eta nimi yi ta, gasikiya ma da nimi yi bo à : wun ayike yi ga ye lefi yizi na, U yi Eza aminci, to Gasikiyadeci nạ Wun a jin yi gafara lefi yizi nạ, to nạ Wun a la yi li be eli dede nyi nạ kpata.

Sample video in Nupe


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