Friday, June 21, 2019


The Emir of Lafiagi, His Royal Highness ALHAJI SA'ADU KAWU HALIRU (OFR), has turbaned LADDU PRESIDENT Alhaji Yaya Isa as the new GALADIMAN LAFIAGI and former kpotun of Lafiagi, Alhaji Abdulrahman Manzuma as the new SHAABA lafiagi. The event took place at Lafiagi, Edu Local Government Area.


Alhaji Abdulrahman Manzuma, SHAABA lafiagi

The current LADDU PRESIDENT Alhaji Yaya Isa was turbaned as the new GALADIMAN LAFIAGI while former kpotun of lafiagi, Alhaji Abdulrahman Manzuma also known as Yamma was turbaned the new SHAABA lafiagi.

The august occasion that took place in the month of July 2019 was graced by grace de la creme in the emirate and other well wishers. Laddu members took to the union E-Secretariat to felicitate with the turbaned personalities and wish them more feats to achieve.

[6/21, 7:14 PM] +234 803 451 ****: Amin Ya Rabil alamin. Alhamdu Lillah. This is well deserved. Congratulations, Kpako yankpa.
[6/21, 7:35 PM] +234 806 786 ****: Alhamdulillah, may Allah grant you the wisdom to serve his Royal Highness with all sincerity as you become the new Shaaba of Lafiagi. Congratulations Kpakoyankpa.
[6/21, 7:56 PM] +234 803 477 ****: 👆🏿A well deserved Royal recognition. May the Almighty ALLAH grant you the zeal, will and the clairvoyance required to pilot the affairs of LADDU to the promised Land. Congratulation sabon GALADIMAN LAFIAGI 👆🏿
[6/21, 7:58 PM] +234 803 370 ****: I say a big congrat to new sha'aba of Emir of lafiagi.Kpakoyenkpa,Barikayi bea rooni woroe soko ula anfani bea alubarike u danu amin
[6/21, 8:06 PM] +234 803 047 ****: Congratulations to the new GALADIMAN Lafiagi, may Almighty Allah guide you in carrying out the responsibilities of that title.
[6/21, 8:32 PM] Dr. Zubair: Congratulations to the Galadima LAFIAGI.. I wish you long reign in sound health and abundance of wealth
[6/21, 9:57 PM] +234 703 116 ****: Congratulations to our brother/father/grand father,  d new shaaba lafiagi.  Kpako Nyankpa.  It's a well deserved appointment
[6/21, 10:12 PM] Dr Umar Gen Sec: The President and the entire LADDU members felicitate with you on your new appointment as the new Sha'aba of Lafiagi. May Allaah continue to increase you in wisdom and good health in your new office. Once again congratulations Sir. Gen. Sec.
[6/21, 10:18 PM] Dr Umar Gen Sec: Let give the Cap to whom it fit, this is a well deserved honour done to LADDU and it esteemed members. My President congratulations on your appointment as Galadima Lafiagi. We wish you good health, wealth and Allaah's guidance to pilot the affairs of the new office.
[6/21, 10:33 PM] +234 803 320 ****: Congratulations sir!
This is the second to the last ladder; a little more efforts and Allah's Rahman will lead you on.
You are really worth this honour.
Our Baba, Baagandozhi knows the quantity and type of spicies that sweetens the soup. May Allah keep him longer for our community.
On behalf of myself, family and friends, I say long live to the new Shaaba of Lafiagi.
[6/21, 10:38 PM] +234 703 835 ****: Congratulations to the new Galadima, I wish you a successful reign
[6/21, 10:44 PM] +234 803 320 ****: Congratulations to our Zenite friend, the new Galadima Lafiagi; the esteemed LADDU President.
May Allah make it easy for you to gather more developmental wisdoms than that of your late uncle "Alhaji Ahman Patigi- the Galadima Patigi" of late memory.
Baba Baagandozhi deliberately crowned you for a good course.
May Allah make it easy for you to the glory of God and mankind.
We are happy as you deserve it.
[6/21, 10:59 PM] +234 803 391 ****: Congratulations sir! This is a deserving elevation to "whom the cap fits".   for the good of lafiagi emirate. May Allah guide and protect you.
[6/21, 11:23 PM] +234 803 446 ****: Congratulations, our New Galadiman Lafiagi,llnp
[6/22, 12:53 AM] +234 806 761 ****: Congratulations to our dear LADDU President for the conferment of *Galadiman Lafiagi* on you....

May Allah (SWT) grant you the grace and guidance needed in all your endeavours.... Aamin.🤲🏽

[6/21, 6:10 PM] +234 803 477 ****: 👆🏿A well deserved Royal elevation. May the Almighty ALLAH make your reign eventful and fruitful. May He grant you the wisdom  needed to succeed in your new office. Amin. Congratulation Kpako-Nyankpa 👆🏿
[6/21, 7:41 PM] +234 803 060 ****: Congratulations to New Galadiman Lafiagi,  Alh.Yaya Isa the LADDU president.
[6/21, 7:48 PM] +234 905 474 ****: Congratulations Mr LADDU President may guide and protect you throughout the tenure

Below are pictures of dignitaries at the event.

By: Haruna Usman - LADDU PRO II reports

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