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Penned ✒  by Isa Bello

He is a foremost Business Administrator, an alumnus of GSS Ilorin, Ahmadu Bello University and Bayero University Kano.

One of the pace setters of university education in our community,  a feat meant for the brilliant ones with intellectual capacity. The sound foundation puts him in good stead for the challenges ahead in his professional calling.

He was a pioneer member of the National Youth Service Corps  (NYSC) in 1973 after which he had a stint at Kwara Midland stores, later an unblemished and meritorious service at Structec, subsidiary of a French Multinational Conglomerate,  CFAO spanning over thirty years, rising to the peak as General Manager. His ascendancy to the top echelon wasn't by accident, but a combination of hard work and management acumen.

His unwavering commitment to the development of our emirate spurred him to take a shot at LADDU presidency, our foremost umbrella organisation, where his administrative tenacity and wealth of experience were brought to bear in piloting the affairs of the Union to the next level (greater heights),  making it a cynosure of all eyes.

He is so many things to so many people,  an icon, a community leader with high pedigree, a consummate administrator, a man of impeccable personality, an epitome of humility and a gentle man par excellence. He is a bridge builder, who gives respect to all irrespective of age and status, this simplistic nature endeared  him to all and sundry. Although blue blood by birth but down to earth by nature,  whose shinning example is worthy of emulation. He is indeed an epitome of benevolent moral rectitude.

Because of the importance of education as a catalyst for development,  he was visionary in the establishment of the first nursery and primary school in the emirate (Maraba), laying the foundation for the current proliferation.

He holds the prestigious royal traditional title of Kpotun of Lafiagi. Please join me to appreciate and celebrate a worthy ambassador of our time who has distinguished himself with footprints on the sands of time, Alhaji Abdulrahman Manzuma as he joins the septuagenarian club. We wish you happy birthday, May Allah SWT continue to grant you long life in sound health for the benefit of self and service to humanity.

Alhamdulillah for the attainment of platinum jubilee!

HBD Sir! YANMA!!!!
Penned by Isa Bello ✒
Other well wishers dropped their wishes and prayer on LADDU e-secretariat for a leader who is not only commendable and recommendable for his achievements, but also worthy of emulation to others.

Below are a few wishes and prayers for our leader

[4/30, 8:19 AM] ‪+234 810 862 ****‬: Happy birthday Yanma!!! May Allah grant you more glorious years on earth in sound health and mind.
[4/30, 8:31 AM] ‪+234 803 391 ****‬: Age gracefully sir. We thank Allah for having you in our midst.
[4/30, 8:32 AM] ‪+234 806 543 ****‬: Happy birthday, Sir.
[4/30, 8:36 AM] ‪+234 803 320 ****‬: Happy birthday sir.
[4/30, 9:07 AM] ‪+234 818 652 ****‬: HBD n MHRS to a Father and Father in law rolled into one. Wishes you Allah's rahama now n always,  as you aged gracefully.
[4/30, 9:12 AM] ‪+234 703 835 ****‬: Happy birthday Sir  May the Almighty Allah continue to bless you, your family and the entire Lafiagi Emirate.    Yamma
[4/30, 10:09 AM] ‪+234 902 427 ****‬: Happy birthday Alhaji, wishing you many more years ahead with prosperity
[4/30, 10:13 AM] ‪+234 806 764 ****‬: I wish Kpotun Lafiagi (Yamma) a very happy birthday. May Allah grant you many more years in good health, peace and prosperity.
[4/30, 10:39 AM] ‪+234 806 761 ****‬: Wishing our highly esteemed and amiable Yanma many, many more glorious years, in the best of health, today and always....
[4/30, 12:26 PM] ‪+234 703 116 ****‬: Happy birthday to our own kpotun lafiagi.  Congratulations sir
[4/30, 12:29 PM] ‪+234 803 382 ****‬: Happy birth day  sir our amiable kpotun.
[4/30, 12:47 PM] ‪+234 803 451 ****‬: May Allah continue to bless, protect and guide Kpotun Lafiagi, Yamma and his entire household. Amin. Happy birthday to an ambassador of peace. Continue to age with grace and honour, sir.
[4/30, 1:04 PM] ‪+234 803 701 ****‬: Sarkin Kudu what an apt and concise profile of Kpotun of Lafiagi Emirate - Yamma.
He has always remained a source of inspiration on hard work at work place and committed service to the community to those of us privileged to be close to him in those good days of LADDU, Northern Chapter.
Always interested in the progress of our community and its indigenes and Nupe in general. An unassuming personality who stands for anything good and encouragement.
We give thanks to Allah (SWT) for preserving his life and attaining this feat which only comes as part of Allah's special favours. May you witness many more in good health and wealth. Congratulations Sir!
[4/30, 3:06 PM] ‪+234 803 302 ****‬: Congratulations sir,Allah continued blessings and good health for you and family
[4/30, 3:29 PM] ‪+234 806 592 ****‬: Congratulations sir.  Wishes you many more ahead.
[4/30, 10:07 PM] Dr Umar Gen Sec: Happy birthday Yanman, age with health and faith.

[5/1, 4:19 PM] LADDU PRESIDENT: May this 70th birthday give you good health, happiness  a lot to look forward to.

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