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Lafiagi Descendants' Development Union (LADDU) is a socio-cultural, Non-partisan and Non-governmental Organization with its headquarter at Lafiagi, Edu Local Government Area of Kwara State, Nigeria. The aim of the Union is to foster and promote unity, development, peace and general progress among the people of Lafiagi, Emirate community resident any where in the world, hence the Motto Unity, Service and Progress. The logo has turbaned horse rider with a spear in his hand diligently defending the territorial integrity of the culture and religion of the Emirate system. The dominant colour of blue and green signify water and agriculture respectively. This emblem represent the major economic opportunities of farming and fishing in Lafiagi Emirate.


LADDU, which totally has become a global association, started sometime in mid -70s in Kaduna as a result of felt need for a formal meeting of Lafiagi indigenes in Kaduna. The body was initially called Lafiagi District Development Asociation (LADDU). The new association was greeted with happiness by the indigenes of Lafiagi in Kano, Zaria, Kaduna and other major towns in the Northern Nigeria. As a result of this new attraction, many people from these make towns started to attend the meetings of the association in Kaduna. At one of its meetings, a new name of Lafiagi Descendants' Development Union (LADDU) and a constitution was adopted. In 1985, His Royal Highness, Alhaji Sa'adu Kawu Haliru, OFR, the emir of Lafiagi, impressed by the activities of LADDU in the far North invited all sons and daughters of Lafiagi emirate for a meeting in Lafiagi where LADDU, was officially lunched.

According to the constitution of LADDU, a member is defined as an individual who is an indigene of Lafiagi Emirate. Any other person who had acquired the citizenship of the emirate either by birth, marriage or length of resident also qualify as a member. The constitution also stipulates that there will be an Annual National Convention to be held in Lafiagi town and election of the national executive committee will be held at the convention biennially.

The organizational structure of LADDU has its peak the reigning Emir of Lafiagi as the grand patron; under the grand patron are committee of patrons who are above committee of trustees. The day to day affairs of the Union are ran by the National Executive Committee (NEC), the National President, the 1st and 2nd Vice President and the National secretary General.


LADDU Branches are established in all places of domicile in Nigeria and abroad where there are Lafiagi Emirate indigenes. Each branch has its own Executive Committee headed by a Chairman while the branches Chairmen are members of the National Executive Committee. A group of branches in an area may come together to form a zone in order to discuss matters of mutual interest and all the member branches of any zone/group shall continue to be recognized by the National Headquarter as individual branch. The National Executive members when elected shall hold office for a period of two consecutive years and are eligible for re-election for a second term only.

Notable among LADDU Branches are:

  • Lafiagi Ward I
  • Lafiagi Ward II 
  • Lafiagi Ward III 
  • Lafiagi Ward IV 
  • Ilorin Branch
  • Kano Branch
  • Lagos Branch
  • Bacita Branch
  • Kaduna Branch 
  • Bida Branch and a whole lot others 

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