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Tuesday, April 16, 2019

Friends, Colleagues, Entire Lafiagi Emirate Mourn Dr. Muhammad Mann Shaaba

Friends, Colleagues, Entire Lafiagi Emirate Mourn Dr. Muhammad Mann Shaaba

Inalilahi wohinailayn rahjuhun! With great loss and deep sorrow, I announce the sudden death of Dr. Mann Shaaba of Federal Coll. Of Education Kotangora. The sad incident occurred this afternoon. What a great loss to entire Emirate, may his soul rest in Aljanan. Dr. Umar Majin - LADDU Sec. Gen.
Dr. Muhammad Mann Shaaba
Late Dr. Muhammad Mann Shaaba

Below are chats of friends, colleagues,family members and other online users who prayed for the deceased lecturer on LADDU HOME E-Secretariat group.

[4/16, 5:31 PM] ‪+234 806 764 ****: What a sad news and a big loss to Lafiagi community in particular. May Allah forgive his shortcomings and grant him Jannatul Firdaus.

[4/16, 5:32 PM] ‪+234 805 302 ****: Innalillahi wa Inna ilayhi rajiun.  May Allah forgive hid short comings and reward him with Jannatu Firdaus.  Also i pray that Allah SWT grant the family, community and the entire nupe kingdom the fortitude to bear the lost.

[4/16, 5:40 PM] ‪+234 806 543 ****: May Allah forgive his shortcomings, grant him paradise and the family the fortitude to bear the irreparable loss.

[4/16, 5:42 PM] ‪+234 812 622 ****: Dr. Shaaba (Ya- Man), Baganko, may Allah forgive all your errors and grant you jannah. Rest in perfect peace my brother, and teacher.

[4/16, 5:56 PM] ‪+234 803 047 ****: This is a great loss to Lafiagi community, may Allah (SWT) forgive his shortcomings and reward him with Jannatul Firdaus.

[4/16, 5:58 PM] ‪+234 806 761 ****: It's a pity. My condolences to the family members....
May Allah grant the soul of the deceased repose in Aljannah Firdaus...

[4/16, 6:04 PM] ‪+234 803 330 ****: Allahu Akbar! What a great loss of one of our finest academician. May Allah SWT grant him eternal rest in Jannah firdous. 🙏

[4/16, 6:07 PM] Arc Salihu Sulaiman: Allahu Akbar, Allahu Akbar, Allahu Akbar. What an ephemeral life. May Allah forgive his shortcomings, reward his good deeds, give us all the capacity to withstand the monumental loss, and grant him eternal bliss in Aljjanatul Firdausi, ameen.  We should all take solace in KULLU NAF'SI ZA'I KAT'UL MA'UT and INNA LILLA'I WA INNA ILLA'I RAJ'UN.

[4/16, 6:12 PM] ‪+234 803 701 ****: May Allah forgive him, care for the dependants he left behind and admit him into Aljannah Firdaus. May Allah be pleased with us and forgive our shortcomings when the appointed time comes for each and every one of us. Ameen.

[4/16, 6:19 PM] ‪+234 806 531 ****: Allah is Great.It is from Allah we come and to Allah we shall certainly return.What a devastating loss.A rear gem and fine academician have gone.May Allah grant his soul eternal rest and give the family and the entire emirate the fortitude to bear the irreparable is  devastating

[4/16, 6:47 PM] ‪+234 803 404 ****: Allahu Akbar. Death is one and it comes in various ways May Allah forgive the departed soul and count him among his beloved servants and give the entie family  the fortitude to bear this irreparable loss.

[4/16, 7:32 PM] ‪+234 808 372 ****: Innalillahi wainna ilayhi rajiuna .may his soul rest in peace ànd Almighty Allah  grant him jannat Firdausi.

[4/16, 8:17 PM] ‪+234 703 777 ****: Allah Akbar. May his gentle soul rest in peace. Am going to miss my beloved senior

[4/16, 8:23 PM] ‪+234 803 596 ****: Death has been described as a necessary end, it comes when it is to come. May Allah grant us His mercies when it comes to our own time. We all love Dr. Sha'aba but Allah loved him most. Oh Allah forgive him his sins & grant him Aljannah firdaus, amin.

[4/16, 8:27 PM] ‪+234 803 220 ****: DR SHAABA,
May Allah forgive and grant him Al-Jannah Fil-Daus.
May Almighty Allah grant his family and the entire Lafiagi Community fortitude to bear the big loss.

[4/16, 8:49 PM] ‪+234 806 584 ****: Innalillahi wa inna illahin rajiun.  We in Lafiagi Emirate  have lost a distinguished and erudite schooler. Dr. Muhammad Mann Shaaba was a complete and very nice gentleman. May the Almighty Allah rest his soul in peace in Aljannah Firdausi. May Allah forgive all his mistakes and reward all his good deeds.  May He grant his family and the entire Emirate the fortitude to bear this irreparable loss.

[4/16, 9:18 PM] LADDU PRESIDENT: Inna lillahi wa inna illahi rajiun! Ya Allah, forgive Dr. Muhammed Mann Shaaba, make Aljanat ul Firdaus his final abode and grant his family and the entire Lafiagi the fortitude to bear the irreparable loss.

[4/16, 9:30 PM] ‪+234 703 350 ****: Ya'Allah,accept the soul of Ya-Shaaba Baganko into aljannat firdaus & be ever sufficient for the family he left behind amin

[4/16, 9:37 PM] ‪+234 810 862 ****:
Dr. Mann Shaaba: A Personal Tribute

      That Dr Man Shaaba loved Lafiagi was never in doubt. Nothing best expressed this than my encounter with him in 2016. Prior to that fateful day I had never had a one on one discussion with him. I had always see him afar as a big brother from my community.
However this perception of him by me changed when I attended the Annual Conference of Registrars of Colleges of Education at the campus of Federal College of Education,  Kontagora. Like my brother Dr. Toyin Jibril told me afterwards, as soon as Dr Man Shaaba got wind of my presence in their College he became restless  and animated and told Dr Toyin that I must not leave Kontagora without him seeing me. He literally ordered Dr Toyin to keep watch on the venue of the Conference and that as soon as we were free he must be informed.
He came all the way to meet me at the hall and as soon as he sighted me he was all over me like someone who has found his long lost prodigal brother. He dragged me to his office and ordered food for me. Despite my plea that we have been well feted to a sumptuous meal by our host, the Registrar of FGC Kontagora,  Dr. Shaaba insisted that I must taste even a morsel of the food because he can never forgive himself if I came all the way from Lafiagi to Kontagora without him entertaining me.
He told me how impressed he was that I could summon    courage to leave the comfort of my then posting to Lagos as the Kwara State Government Liaison officer and accepted to serve in the then crisis ridden Kwara State College of Education (Technical), Lafiagi as a stop gap Registrar. I told him the oppurtunity to give a little back to my community far outweighs whatever personal sacrifices I had to endure.
He then launched into a session of both prayers for my success and admonitions on how to navigate the rather atrocious academic environment I found myself in compared to the more rancour free mainstream civil service from where I was coming.
I came out of that encounter with Dr Shaaba more fortified and encouraged to fulfil the expectations of those who found me worthy to be singled out to carry out that assignment for my community.  I was also elated and proud to observe the reverence, awe, respect and love which the staff and students of his department held and have for Dr Shaaba. I saw a man who loves his job as a teacher and guardian,  a man who wished the best for his community and a man who is humane and want the best for a fellow human being.
We exchanged numbers that day and not a single month passed without me receiving a call from him even long after I've served my two years secondment to KWCOETL.
May Allah (SWA) grant the beautiful soul of Dr Shaaba eternal peace and favour and reward him with His bountiful mercy, light and admittance to Jannatul firdaous.  May Allah also give succor to his immediate family and Lafiagi Community for this great lost.

 Sambo Magaji

[4/16, 9:53 PM] ‪+234 803 459 ****: Let me also share my last encountered with Dr ManShaaba.
It was at the Firdau prayer of late Mother of Sarkin Mallami Yagba. He was to give vote of thanks after the ceremony.
He admitted that the traditional title holders of nowadays only enjoy the prestige that comes with the title without paying routine homage to the custodian and the one who bestowed the title on them HRH the Emir of Lafiagi.
He said a number of them are guilty of this deviant community attitude and that the reps of HRH present at the occasion should tender apology to Baba unbehalf of All the erring titled holders.
It takes a complete gentleman to public admit and tendered apology. That very day I dough my hate for his courageous pronouncement.
I wish I can write more but couldn't hold back my tears
He run for early death yet he die not old
Allah grant him Aljanah firdaus

[4/16, 10:03 PM] ‪+234 703 116 ****: May his gentle soul rest in perfect peace and Allah grant him aljana firdausi

[4/16, 10:32 PM] ‪+234 706 672 ****: May Allah be pleased with him. I had no opportunity of meeting with him, but I knew him through his students and publications. He was a notable reference to kindness, steadfastness, humility, audibility and righteousness that Lafiagi people are known with. My condolences to the entire Emirate.

[4/16, 10:38 PM] ‪+234 803 420 ****: Dr Shaaba gone fore ever.
What a monumental loss to Lafiagi in particular and Nupe in general.
His death can be likened to the fall of a palm tree you can imagine the unquantifiable loss.
May the soul of Dr Mohammed Shaaba Baganko rests in peace. And may Allahu Tahalla accord him Al Jannah firdous as his final abode.
Ameena kunfayankun

[4/16, 11:06 PM] ‪+234 803 611 ****: May his soul rest in peace and granted him Aljanah Firdaus

[4/16, 11:09 PM] ‪+234 806 352 ****: Dr SHAABA we shall miss you and your genereousi

[4/16, 11:10 PM] ‪+234 808 878 ****: May Allah forgive his shortcomings and grant him aljanna fidaus

[4/16, 11:11 PM] ‪+234 806 352 ****: Dr Muhammad Shaaba we shall miss you and your generosity .Allah grant you HIS mercy to rest you in aljana Firdausi .Amin

[4/16, 11:12 PM] ‪+234 803 625 ****: Inna lillahi wa'inna illaihim raji'un. May Allah (SWT) forgive him and admit him into Aljanat firdaus, amin.

[4/16, 11:29 PM] ‪+234 813 848 ****: May Allah forgive him and his short coming

[4/17, 12:45 AM] ‪+234 803 302 ****: Dr Shaaba Baganko was in sokoto university with us.He stays off campus and was always with our co landlord in sokoto Engineer Ndakozhiri Babasansaniko.They are so close and very friendly.Yashaaba always advises us to be serious with our books and all the intellectual wizardry started from his school days.Engineer Baba,Allah forgive your very close friend and give him rest.Give all lafiagi community fortitude to bear the lost.Allah accept his good deeds and overlooks his mistakes. He was indeed a very big loss to us all.

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