Sunday, October 20, 2019

October 20, 2019

Customer Care Representative Job at MTN Nigeria

mtn customer care representative job
MTN Nigeria – The leader in telecommunications in Nigeria, and a part of a diverse community in Africa and the Middle East, their brand is instantly recognisable. The Tech Giant is currently recruiting capable hands to fill the Customer Care Representative positions.


Job Title: Customer Service Executive
Location: Ilorin (Kwara State)
Address: No 10 Bola Saadu Building, GRA Ilorin

Job Summary
·        The Customer Service Executive is responsible for answering incoming calls; forward callers to appropriate employees and escalate complaints. MTN CCR picks calls routed to MTN customer care number 180

Key Responsibilities
·        Answering incoming calls. Having Conflict resolution skill and not joining issues with customers; patience is very essential in customer service
·        Attend to customers queries, provide customers service requests and escalate complaints

Qualifications and Experience

·        Minimum OND, ND, NCE, BSc/HND required in any field
·        Applicant must be fluent in English and any of Nigerian 3 major languages; Yoruba, Hausa or Igbo
·        Computer skills including the ability to operate word-processing programs at a basic proficient level. Proper training is available.

Behavioural Competencies:
·        Adaptability
·        Attention to Detail
·        Customer Service

Working Situation:
v  8 hours (Full - Time) & 5 hours (Part - Time) working hours
v  Standing medical service with standard hospitals. Almost free.
v  2 days work off for Full – Time and 1 day work off for Part – Time
v  1 hour break for Full – Time and 30 minutes break for Part – Time per shift.
v  Leave and medical leave available

            Attractive salary with add-on
Ø  Full – Time N40,000 and above
Ø  Part – Time N25,000 and above
Training fee is also paid at the end of the training even in occasions were applicant is not employed or wish not to continue with the work
Salary is paid 25th of every month
Mode of Application:
ü  Applicants should submit hard copy of CV to iSON BPO
ü  LADDU offers free submission of CVs and follow up. CV should be sent to LADDU official e-mail address
ü  Applicants should clearly indicate language applying for; Hausa, Yoruba or Igbo

For more information, use the comment box below or click to call

Friday, June 21, 2019

June 21, 2019


The Emir of Lafiagi, His Royal Highness ALHAJI SA'ADU KAWU HALIRU (OFR), has turbaned LADDU PRESIDENT Alhaji Yaya Isa as the new GALADIMAN LAFIAGI and former kpotun of Lafiagi, Alhaji Abdulrahman Manzuma as the new SHAABA lafiagi. The event took place at Lafiagi, Edu Local Government Area.


Alhaji Abdulrahman Manzuma, SHAABA lafiagi

The current LADDU PRESIDENT Alhaji Yaya Isa was turbaned as the new GALADIMAN LAFIAGI while former kpotun of lafiagi, Alhaji Abdulrahman Manzuma also known as Yamma was turbaned the new SHAABA lafiagi.

The august occasion that took place in the month of July 2019 was graced by grace de la creme in the emirate and other well wishers. Laddu members took to the union E-Secretariat to felicitate with the turbaned personalities and wish them more feats to achieve.

[6/21, 7:14 PM] +234 803 451 ****: Amin Ya Rabil alamin. Alhamdu Lillah. This is well deserved. Congratulations, Kpako yankpa.
[6/21, 7:35 PM] +234 806 786 ****: Alhamdulillah, may Allah grant you the wisdom to serve his Royal Highness with all sincerity as you become the new Shaaba of Lafiagi. Congratulations Kpakoyankpa.
[6/21, 7:56 PM] +234 803 477 ****: 👆🏿A well deserved Royal recognition. May the Almighty ALLAH grant you the zeal, will and the clairvoyance required to pilot the affairs of LADDU to the promised Land. Congratulation sabon GALADIMAN LAFIAGI 👆🏿
[6/21, 7:58 PM] +234 803 370 ****: I say a big congrat to new sha'aba of Emir of lafiagi.Kpakoyenkpa,Barikayi bea rooni woroe soko ula anfani bea alubarike u danu amin
[6/21, 8:06 PM] +234 803 047 ****: Congratulations to the new GALADIMAN Lafiagi, may Almighty Allah guide you in carrying out the responsibilities of that title.
[6/21, 8:32 PM] Dr. Zubair: Congratulations to the Galadima LAFIAGI.. I wish you long reign in sound health and abundance of wealth
[6/21, 9:57 PM] +234 703 116 ****: Congratulations to our brother/father/grand father,  d new shaaba lafiagi.  Kpako Nyankpa.  It's a well deserved appointment
[6/21, 10:12 PM] Dr Umar Gen Sec: The President and the entire LADDU members felicitate with you on your new appointment as the new Sha'aba of Lafiagi. May Allaah continue to increase you in wisdom and good health in your new office. Once again congratulations Sir. Gen. Sec.
[6/21, 10:18 PM] Dr Umar Gen Sec: Let give the Cap to whom it fit, this is a well deserved honour done to LADDU and it esteemed members. My President congratulations on your appointment as Galadima Lafiagi. We wish you good health, wealth and Allaah's guidance to pilot the affairs of the new office.
[6/21, 10:33 PM] +234 803 320 ****: Congratulations sir!
This is the second to the last ladder; a little more efforts and Allah's Rahman will lead you on.
You are really worth this honour.
Our Baba, Baagandozhi knows the quantity and type of spicies that sweetens the soup. May Allah keep him longer for our community.
On behalf of myself, family and friends, I say long live to the new Shaaba of Lafiagi.
[6/21, 10:38 PM] +234 703 835 ****: Congratulations to the new Galadima, I wish you a successful reign
[6/21, 10:44 PM] +234 803 320 ****: Congratulations to our Zenite friend, the new Galadima Lafiagi; the esteemed LADDU President.
May Allah make it easy for you to gather more developmental wisdoms than that of your late uncle "Alhaji Ahman Patigi- the Galadima Patigi" of late memory.
Baba Baagandozhi deliberately crowned you for a good course.
May Allah make it easy for you to the glory of God and mankind.
We are happy as you deserve it.
[6/21, 10:59 PM] +234 803 391 ****: Congratulations sir! This is a deserving elevation to "whom the cap fits".   for the good of lafiagi emirate. May Allah guide and protect you.
[6/21, 11:23 PM] +234 803 446 ****: Congratulations, our New Galadiman Lafiagi,llnp
[6/22, 12:53 AM] +234 806 761 ****: Congratulations to our dear LADDU President for the conferment of *Galadiman Lafiagi* on you....

May Allah (SWT) grant you the grace and guidance needed in all your endeavours.... Aamin.🤲🏽

[6/21, 6:10 PM] +234 803 477 ****: 👆🏿A well deserved Royal elevation. May the Almighty ALLAH make your reign eventful and fruitful. May He grant you the wisdom  needed to succeed in your new office. Amin. Congratulation Kpako-Nyankpa 👆🏿
[6/21, 7:41 PM] +234 803 060 ****: Congratulations to New Galadiman Lafiagi,  Alh.Yaya Isa the LADDU president.
[6/21, 7:48 PM] +234 905 474 ****: Congratulations Mr LADDU President may guide and protect you throughout the tenure

Below are pictures of dignitaries at the event.

By: Haruna Usman - LADDU PRO II reports

Friday, May 10, 2019

May 10, 2019

Lafiagi Born ABU Faculty Of Law Best Graduate revealed the secret of his success

 HARUNA MANZUMA is from 'Emi' Man-Quranu compound, Tiffin-yekogi, Lafiagi. He bagged 4.46 CGPA to emerge ABU Faculty of Law Best Graduate at the university's 41st convocation. In this interview with USMAN HARUNA, LADDU Ass. National Publicity Secretary, the genius revealed the secret of his success. Excerpts.

I am Haruna Usman, LADDU Ass. National Publicity Secretary, may I meet you sir?

Yes, sure!

 What is your full name and where are you  from?

My full name is HARUNA MANZUMA. I am from 'Emi' Man-Quranu compound, Tiffin-yekogi, Lafiagi.


Which department did you graduate from?

I graduated from Islamic Law Department. Though the certificate is tagged Bachelor of Laws (with specialization in Islamic Law).

You are the best Faculty of Law Graduate from ABU 41st convocation, what is your CGPA?

My CGPA is 4.46.

How did you emerge at 4.46 CGPA? What has always been your GPA?

I made it with prayers, dedication and hard work. My GPA in first semester 100L was 3.65 and I told myself I can do more. So when I put more effort, I got 4.27 second semester. And i didn't write less a 4 point since then till I rose to 4.46 and  graduated same.

That is wow! Typically, how many hours do you read in a day?

I don't have specific hours I read in a day. I rather used to set daily target and stopped reading whenever the targeted goal for the day is achieved.
In a nutshell, the daily goal is that I must read what ever am taught in a day, on that same day. Then go over it again by weekends. So during exams, am always revising.

Do you incorporate your study with other activities?

Oh yes! I participated fully in chambers activities which is an extra curriculum activity. I even contested in an election for the Principal Partner of Attorneys Chambers and lost. I also participated as a campaign manager to two aspirants in our Students Representative Council's election. The female won, the male lost.
I also had a lot of mentees whom I tutored based on my schedule.
It was a good

What was your worst moment during your study? 

I can only mention of 2nd semester 300L when i took six courses, got five A's and one D (in criminal law).
It does not commensurate with other courses, though I didn't take any action.

You are from Lafiagi. A Big city though, but the people don't study Law that much. What motivated you to study Law?

Studying law was never in my diary. My chosen course was economics. I have an NCE in Economics and Political Science from College of Education, Oro, Kwara State. I even applied to many Nigerian universities to study B.Ed in Economics, but was not admitted.

So, two of my friends; Mahmud Musa Danjuma  Ph.D (in view) and Muhammad Alhaji Zaguru, on different sittings suggested that I should apply for law through JAMB.
So, I did and got admitted. Mahmud lectures Arabic, at the Faculty of Art, University of Ilorin.

Did you pass your SSCE, JAMB and UTME excellently?

My SSCE was that of an average student.

What of JAMB?

It was that of an average student too. I got 202 in JAMB, 240 in POST-JAMB. Giving me a total average of 221.

Are you a born genius? 

Not really. Am just blessed with 'perseverance'. I don't run away from challenges, and with prayers from my Mum (R.I.P), I will always emerge victor.

Have you been leading up your previous schools? Like secondary.

No! Rather I have always been 'among' those leading in my class.

As ABU best graduating faculty of Law student, do you think you are on the same level academically compared to brilliant students from top rated schools like Oxford University?

Of course yes!
With 23 professors (as at when I graduated) and others: Readers, Doctors, LLM holders, faculty of law can be said to be one of faculties of law well embellished with adequate human resources. This is the faculty I emerged its best graduating student amidst over 300 students.

So, if with some Nigerian-induced-hindrances, I was able to achieve this, then, devoid of those hindrances, I believe I will be on a higher level amidst brilliant students from universities like Oxford or Harvard.

I added Harvard University because that is where I wish to have my LL.M and Ph.D if Allah wishes.

What would be your advice to students?

My advice for all students is to be prayerful, hardworking, dedicated and devoted... And the sky shall be their stepping stone. For whoever falls in love with reading, shall never be heart broken.

Thank you LADDU ASST. National P.R.O!

Wednesday, May 1, 2019

May 01, 2019



Penned ✒  by Isa Bello

He is a foremost Business Administrator, an alumnus of GSS Ilorin, Ahmadu Bello University and Bayero University Kano.

One of the pace setters of university education in our community,  a feat meant for the brilliant ones with intellectual capacity. The sound foundation puts him in good stead for the challenges ahead in his professional calling.

He was a pioneer member of the National Youth Service Corps  (NYSC) in 1973 after which he had a stint at Kwara Midland stores, later an unblemished and meritorious service at Structec, subsidiary of a French Multinational Conglomerate,  CFAO spanning over thirty years, rising to the peak as General Manager. His ascendancy to the top echelon wasn't by accident, but a combination of hard work and management acumen.

His unwavering commitment to the development of our emirate spurred him to take a shot at LADDU presidency, our foremost umbrella organisation, where his administrative tenacity and wealth of experience were brought to bear in piloting the affairs of the Union to the next level (greater heights),  making it a cynosure of all eyes.

He is so many things to so many people,  an icon, a community leader with high pedigree, a consummate administrator, a man of impeccable personality, an epitome of humility and a gentle man par excellence. He is a bridge builder, who gives respect to all irrespective of age and status, this simplistic nature endeared  him to all and sundry. Although blue blood by birth but down to earth by nature,  whose shinning example is worthy of emulation. He is indeed an epitome of benevolent moral rectitude.

Because of the importance of education as a catalyst for development,  he was visionary in the establishment of the first nursery and primary school in the emirate (Maraba), laying the foundation for the current proliferation.

He holds the prestigious royal traditional title of Kpotun of Lafiagi. Please join me to appreciate and celebrate a worthy ambassador of our time who has distinguished himself with footprints on the sands of time, Alhaji Abdulrahman Manzuma as he joins the septuagenarian club. We wish you happy birthday, May Allah SWT continue to grant you long life in sound health for the benefit of self and service to humanity.

Alhamdulillah for the attainment of platinum jubilee!

HBD Sir! YANMA!!!!
Penned by Isa Bello ✒
Other well wishers dropped their wishes and prayer on LADDU e-secretariat for a leader who is not only commendable and recommendable for his achievements, but also worthy of emulation to others.

Below are a few wishes and prayers for our leader

[4/30, 8:19 AM] ‪+234 810 862 ****‬: Happy birthday Yanma!!! May Allah grant you more glorious years on earth in sound health and mind.
[4/30, 8:31 AM] ‪+234 803 391 ****‬: Age gracefully sir. We thank Allah for having you in our midst.
[4/30, 8:32 AM] ‪+234 806 543 ****‬: Happy birthday, Sir.
[4/30, 8:36 AM] ‪+234 803 320 ****‬: Happy birthday sir.
[4/30, 9:07 AM] ‪+234 818 652 ****‬: HBD n MHRS to a Father and Father in law rolled into one. Wishes you Allah's rahama now n always,  as you aged gracefully.
[4/30, 9:12 AM] ‪+234 703 835 ****‬: Happy birthday Sir  May the Almighty Allah continue to bless you, your family and the entire Lafiagi Emirate.    Yamma
[4/30, 10:09 AM] ‪+234 902 427 ****‬: Happy birthday Alhaji, wishing you many more years ahead with prosperity
[4/30, 10:13 AM] ‪+234 806 764 ****‬: I wish Kpotun Lafiagi (Yamma) a very happy birthday. May Allah grant you many more years in good health, peace and prosperity.
[4/30, 10:39 AM] ‪+234 806 761 ****‬: Wishing our highly esteemed and amiable Yanma many, many more glorious years, in the best of health, today and always....
[4/30, 12:26 PM] ‪+234 703 116 ****‬: Happy birthday to our own kpotun lafiagi.  Congratulations sir
[4/30, 12:29 PM] ‪+234 803 382 ****‬: Happy birth day  sir our amiable kpotun.
[4/30, 12:47 PM] ‪+234 803 451 ****‬: May Allah continue to bless, protect and guide Kpotun Lafiagi, Yamma and his entire household. Amin. Happy birthday to an ambassador of peace. Continue to age with grace and honour, sir.
[4/30, 1:04 PM] ‪+234 803 701 ****‬: Sarkin Kudu what an apt and concise profile of Kpotun of Lafiagi Emirate - Yamma.
He has always remained a source of inspiration on hard work at work place and committed service to the community to those of us privileged to be close to him in those good days of LADDU, Northern Chapter.
Always interested in the progress of our community and its indigenes and Nupe in general. An unassuming personality who stands for anything good and encouragement.
We give thanks to Allah (SWT) for preserving his life and attaining this feat which only comes as part of Allah's special favours. May you witness many more in good health and wealth. Congratulations Sir!
[4/30, 3:06 PM] ‪+234 803 302 ****‬: Congratulations sir,Allah continued blessings and good health for you and family
[4/30, 3:29 PM] ‪+234 806 592 ****‬: Congratulations sir.  Wishes you many more ahead.
[4/30, 10:07 PM] Dr Umar Gen Sec: Happy birthday Yanman, age with health and faith.

[5/1, 4:19 PM] LADDU PRESIDENT: May this 70th birthday give you good health, happiness  a lot to look forward to.

Friday, April 26, 2019

April 26, 2019



College of education gidan waya

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Interested applicants are to apply online via or Click here to apply to any of the various positions

Applications are expected to be completed and submitted on or before Wednesday 8th May 2019.

Please note that only shortlisted candidates will be contacted accordingly.

Marcus Timothy,mnim Registrar

Tuesday, April 16, 2019

April 16, 2019

Friends, Colleagues, Entire Lafiagi Emirate Mourn Dr. Muhammad Mann Shaaba

Friends, Colleagues, Entire Lafiagi Emirate Mourn Dr. Muhammad Mann Shaaba

Inalilahi wohinailayn rahjuhun! With great loss and deep sorrow, I announce the sudden death of Dr. Mann Shaaba of Federal Coll. Of Education Kotangora. The sad incident occurred this afternoon. What a great loss to entire Emirate, may his soul rest in Aljanan. Dr. Umar Majin - LADDU Sec. Gen.
Dr. Muhammad Mann Shaaba
Late Dr. Muhammad Mann Shaaba

Below are chats of friends, colleagues,family members and other online users who prayed for the deceased lecturer on LADDU HOME E-Secretariat group.

[4/16, 5:31 PM] ‪+234 806 764 ****: What a sad news and a big loss to Lafiagi community in particular. May Allah forgive his shortcomings and grant him Jannatul Firdaus.

[4/16, 5:32 PM] ‪+234 805 302 ****: Innalillahi wa Inna ilayhi rajiun.  May Allah forgive hid short comings and reward him with Jannatu Firdaus.  Also i pray that Allah SWT grant the family, community and the entire nupe kingdom the fortitude to bear the lost.

[4/16, 5:40 PM] ‪+234 806 543 ****: May Allah forgive his shortcomings, grant him paradise and the family the fortitude to bear the irreparable loss.

[4/16, 5:42 PM] ‪+234 812 622 ****: Dr. Shaaba (Ya- Man), Baganko, may Allah forgive all your errors and grant you jannah. Rest in perfect peace my brother, and teacher.

[4/16, 5:56 PM] ‪+234 803 047 ****: This is a great loss to Lafiagi community, may Allah (SWT) forgive his shortcomings and reward him with Jannatul Firdaus.

[4/16, 5:58 PM] ‪+234 806 761 ****: It's a pity. My condolences to the family members....
May Allah grant the soul of the deceased repose in Aljannah Firdaus...

[4/16, 6:04 PM] ‪+234 803 330 ****: Allahu Akbar! What a great loss of one of our finest academician. May Allah SWT grant him eternal rest in Jannah firdous. 🙏

[4/16, 6:07 PM] Arc Salihu Sulaiman: Allahu Akbar, Allahu Akbar, Allahu Akbar. What an ephemeral life. May Allah forgive his shortcomings, reward his good deeds, give us all the capacity to withstand the monumental loss, and grant him eternal bliss in Aljjanatul Firdausi, ameen.  We should all take solace in KULLU NAF'SI ZA'I KAT'UL MA'UT and INNA LILLA'I WA INNA ILLA'I RAJ'UN.

[4/16, 6:12 PM] ‪+234 803 701 ****: May Allah forgive him, care for the dependants he left behind and admit him into Aljannah Firdaus. May Allah be pleased with us and forgive our shortcomings when the appointed time comes for each and every one of us. Ameen.

[4/16, 6:19 PM] ‪+234 806 531 ****: Allah is Great.It is from Allah we come and to Allah we shall certainly return.What a devastating loss.A rear gem and fine academician have gone.May Allah grant his soul eternal rest and give the family and the entire emirate the fortitude to bear the irreparable is  devastating

[4/16, 6:47 PM] ‪+234 803 404 ****: Allahu Akbar. Death is one and it comes in various ways May Allah forgive the departed soul and count him among his beloved servants and give the entie family  the fortitude to bear this irreparable loss.

[4/16, 7:32 PM] ‪+234 808 372 ****: Innalillahi wainna ilayhi rajiuna .may his soul rest in peace ànd Almighty Allah  grant him jannat Firdausi.

[4/16, 8:17 PM] ‪+234 703 777 ****: Allah Akbar. May his gentle soul rest in peace. Am going to miss my beloved senior

[4/16, 8:23 PM] ‪+234 803 596 ****: Death has been described as a necessary end, it comes when it is to come. May Allah grant us His mercies when it comes to our own time. We all love Dr. Sha'aba but Allah loved him most. Oh Allah forgive him his sins & grant him Aljannah firdaus, amin.

[4/16, 8:27 PM] ‪+234 803 220 ****: DR SHAABA,
May Allah forgive and grant him Al-Jannah Fil-Daus.
May Almighty Allah grant his family and the entire Lafiagi Community fortitude to bear the big loss.

[4/16, 8:49 PM] ‪+234 806 584 ****: Innalillahi wa inna illahin rajiun.  We in Lafiagi Emirate  have lost a distinguished and erudite schooler. Dr. Muhammad Mann Shaaba was a complete and very nice gentleman. May the Almighty Allah rest his soul in peace in Aljannah Firdausi. May Allah forgive all his mistakes and reward all his good deeds.  May He grant his family and the entire Emirate the fortitude to bear this irreparable loss.

[4/16, 9:18 PM] LADDU PRESIDENT: Inna lillahi wa inna illahi rajiun! Ya Allah, forgive Dr. Muhammed Mann Shaaba, make Aljanat ul Firdaus his final abode and grant his family and the entire Lafiagi the fortitude to bear the irreparable loss.

[4/16, 9:30 PM] ‪+234 703 350 ****: Ya'Allah,accept the soul of Ya-Shaaba Baganko into aljannat firdaus & be ever sufficient for the family he left behind amin

[4/16, 9:37 PM] ‪+234 810 862 ****:
Dr. Mann Shaaba: A Personal Tribute

      That Dr Man Shaaba loved Lafiagi was never in doubt. Nothing best expressed this than my encounter with him in 2016. Prior to that fateful day I had never had a one on one discussion with him. I had always see him afar as a big brother from my community.
However this perception of him by me changed when I attended the Annual Conference of Registrars of Colleges of Education at the campus of Federal College of Education,  Kontagora. Like my brother Dr. Toyin Jibril told me afterwards, as soon as Dr Man Shaaba got wind of my presence in their College he became restless  and animated and told Dr Toyin that I must not leave Kontagora without him seeing me. He literally ordered Dr Toyin to keep watch on the venue of the Conference and that as soon as we were free he must be informed.
He came all the way to meet me at the hall and as soon as he sighted me he was all over me like someone who has found his long lost prodigal brother. He dragged me to his office and ordered food for me. Despite my plea that we have been well feted to a sumptuous meal by our host, the Registrar of FGC Kontagora,  Dr. Shaaba insisted that I must taste even a morsel of the food because he can never forgive himself if I came all the way from Lafiagi to Kontagora without him entertaining me.
He told me how impressed he was that I could summon    courage to leave the comfort of my then posting to Lagos as the Kwara State Government Liaison officer and accepted to serve in the then crisis ridden Kwara State College of Education (Technical), Lafiagi as a stop gap Registrar. I told him the oppurtunity to give a little back to my community far outweighs whatever personal sacrifices I had to endure.
He then launched into a session of both prayers for my success and admonitions on how to navigate the rather atrocious academic environment I found myself in compared to the more rancour free mainstream civil service from where I was coming.
I came out of that encounter with Dr Shaaba more fortified and encouraged to fulfil the expectations of those who found me worthy to be singled out to carry out that assignment for my community.  I was also elated and proud to observe the reverence, awe, respect and love which the staff and students of his department held and have for Dr Shaaba. I saw a man who loves his job as a teacher and guardian,  a man who wished the best for his community and a man who is humane and want the best for a fellow human being.
We exchanged numbers that day and not a single month passed without me receiving a call from him even long after I've served my two years secondment to KWCOETL.
May Allah (SWA) grant the beautiful soul of Dr Shaaba eternal peace and favour and reward him with His bountiful mercy, light and admittance to Jannatul firdaous.  May Allah also give succor to his immediate family and Lafiagi Community for this great lost.

 Sambo Magaji

[4/16, 9:53 PM] ‪+234 803 459 ****: Let me also share my last encountered with Dr ManShaaba.
It was at the Firdau prayer of late Mother of Sarkin Mallami Yagba. He was to give vote of thanks after the ceremony.
He admitted that the traditional title holders of nowadays only enjoy the prestige that comes with the title without paying routine homage to the custodian and the one who bestowed the title on them HRH the Emir of Lafiagi.
He said a number of them are guilty of this deviant community attitude and that the reps of HRH present at the occasion should tender apology to Baba unbehalf of All the erring titled holders.
It takes a complete gentleman to public admit and tendered apology. That very day I dough my hate for his courageous pronouncement.
I wish I can write more but couldn't hold back my tears
He run for early death yet he die not old
Allah grant him Aljanah firdaus

[4/16, 10:03 PM] ‪+234 703 116 ****: May his gentle soul rest in perfect peace and Allah grant him aljana firdausi

[4/16, 10:32 PM] ‪+234 706 672 ****: May Allah be pleased with him. I had no opportunity of meeting with him, but I knew him through his students and publications. He was a notable reference to kindness, steadfastness, humility, audibility and righteousness that Lafiagi people are known with. My condolences to the entire Emirate.

[4/16, 10:38 PM] ‪+234 803 420 ****: Dr Shaaba gone fore ever.
What a monumental loss to Lafiagi in particular and Nupe in general.
His death can be likened to the fall of a palm tree you can imagine the unquantifiable loss.
May the soul of Dr Mohammed Shaaba Baganko rests in peace. And may Allahu Tahalla accord him Al Jannah firdous as his final abode.
Ameena kunfayankun

[4/16, 11:06 PM] ‪+234 803 611 ****: May his soul rest in peace and granted him Aljanah Firdaus

[4/16, 11:09 PM] ‪+234 806 352 ****: Dr SHAABA we shall miss you and your genereousi

[4/16, 11:10 PM] ‪+234 808 878 ****: May Allah forgive his shortcomings and grant him aljanna fidaus

[4/16, 11:11 PM] ‪+234 806 352 ****: Dr Muhammad Shaaba we shall miss you and your generosity .Allah grant you HIS mercy to rest you in aljana Firdausi .Amin

[4/16, 11:12 PM] ‪+234 803 625 ****: Inna lillahi wa'inna illaihim raji'un. May Allah (SWT) forgive him and admit him into Aljanat firdaus, amin.

[4/16, 11:29 PM] ‪+234 813 848 ****: May Allah forgive him and his short coming

[4/17, 12:45 AM] ‪+234 803 302 ****: Dr Shaaba Baganko was in sokoto university with us.He stays off campus and was always with our co landlord in sokoto Engineer Ndakozhiri Babasansaniko.They are so close and very friendly.Yashaaba always advises us to be serious with our books and all the intellectual wizardry started from his school days.Engineer Baba,Allah forgive your very close friend and give him rest.Give all lafiagi community fortitude to bear the lost.Allah accept his good deeds and overlooks his mistakes. He was indeed a very big loss to us all.